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About Me

Thanks for stopping by! I'm Emily. 

Although art has always been a passion of mine, I viewed it only as a hobby until trying calligraphy for the first time in 2012. I instantly fell in love (and even started having literal dreams of doing calligraphy as my full time job!) By 2015 I had opened my first Etsy shop called Foster Pen & Ink as a side business. My shop took a backseat to my full-time job, spending time with my family, and eventually raising our new baby boy. But after working in the e-commerce industry for 7 years, I finally decided to let my right brain have a chance at success. I left my comfortable day job to start Emily Foster Studio. 

I don't have a degree in an artistic field, but I find lots of  joy in helping brides bring their visions to life and creating heirloom pieces for the home. 

I live outside of Atlanta with my amazing husband of 5 years, our 2 beautiful babies and our golden retriever, Luna.